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Beppu Hattou Onsen Festival Image 1

Beppu Hattou Onsen

Beppu Onsen boasts the largest amount of hot spring water in the world, and there is a festival held to appreciate its rich blessings. During the Beppu Onsen Hachiyu Festival, approximately 100 shared hot springs in the city are opened free of charge.

6 Days
Hakata Dontaku Festival Image 1

Hakata Dontaku Festival

Japan’s largest Golden Week festival is held in Fukuoka  at the beginning of every May, with 30,000 participants and over two million spectators. With a few significant breaks, the celebration has been going on for over 800 years, starting in the Heian period (794-1185).

2 Days
Fukuoka Pref.

Hinamatsuri Doll Spring Festival Saga

The “hina-matsuri” (doll festival) is famous for the quality and elegance of its hina dolls. The dolls displayed were owned by successive wives of the Nabeshima Lords between the end of the Edo Era and the Meiji Era. The doll sets including other decorative articles are gorgeous and intricate. Some dolls wear “Otome-gata Nabeshima-komon (kimonos with little patterns designated according to clan),” which patterns were used for “kamishimo (formal samurai clothing)” of the Saga clan, and others wear kimonos made of “teori Saga nishiki (classic hand-woven fabric)”, and are very elegant, and only to be seen in Saga.

February, March
1 Month
Fukuoka Pref.
Hirosaki Sakura Festival Image 1

Hirosaki Sakura Festival

The Hirosaki Sakura Festival, which takes place in Hirosaki Castle Park, is one of Japan’s largest cherry blossom festival with approximately 2 million visitors.

10 Days
Aomori Pref.

Kitakami Tenshochi Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Festival

The “Kitakami Tenshochi Sakura Festival” held from mid-April to early May bustles with tons of visitors every year. Kitakami’s Tenshochi Park has been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 sites for viewing “Sakura.” (cherry blossoms)

Alongside the cherry trees, vivid carp-shaped streamers swim in the air above the Kitakami River. Together with pleasure boat cruising, a horse-driven carriage also rolls through the avenue of cherry trees creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

10 Days
Iwate Pref.

Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro Festival

Hanatoro (花灯路, Hanatōro), which means “flower and light road”, is a set of illumination events that take place in the Higashiyama District of Kyoto in March and the Arashiyama district of Kyoto in December. During Hanatoro the streets are illuminated by thousands of lanterns set throughout popular areas combined with flower and light displays.

10 Days
Naha Hari Festival Image 1

Naha Hari

Naha dragon boat race is Okinawa’s largest event, and over three days, over 130 teams of schools and work teams have a hot compete. At the same time, Eisa (Okinawa’s folk dance), live concerts and fireworks are also held, so you can enjoy at any time of the day.

3 Days

Okinawa Ginowan Seaside Park Ryukyu Sea Fire Festival

Ryukyu Kai Fire festival is celebrating his 16th time in 2019 with the theme of “To the summer that is touched the earliest in Japan”.
Due to the fusion of around 10000 fireworks used during the event, it’s a also summer tradition of Japan and Okinawa music and culture it is one of the biggest entertainment in Okinawa.
In addition it’s also one of Japan’s leading sizes in fireworks illusion.

February, March
1 Day

Onbashira Festival

When Onbashira takes place (once every 6 years, or every 7 by traditional Japanese reckoning), all 200,000 souls in the Suwa region participate as it is an immensely revered festival here.

April, June
2 Days
Nagano Pref.
Seihakusai Festival Image 1


In 2016, 33 Japanese Hikiyama festivals were registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. There is a festival that you can participate and pull the cultural heritage festival floats. At “Seihaku Festival” in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, three festival floats, 12 meters tall and 20 tons in weight, which participants can pull and enjoy.

3 Days
Shirane Kite Battle Festival Image 1

Shirane Kite Battle Festival

Shirane Kite battle festival is one of the biggest kite festivals in the world. It has a history of 300 years, and 300 giant kites dance wildly. A large kite of about 40 m² is raised from both sides of the Shinano River, which is about 80 m wide.

5 Days

Takayama Matsuri

The Takayama Festival (高山祭, Takayama Matsuri) is ranked as one of Japan’s three most beautiful festivals alongside Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri and the Chichibu Yomatsuri. It is held twice a year in spring and autumn in the old town of Takayama and attracts large numbers of spectators.

2 Days
Gifu Pref.