Would you like to become a Local Guide?

Attention, please!

Someone interested in Japanese traditional culture, history, rituals.

Someone who wishes to feel the charm of traditional cultural festivals.

Looking for friends who can help us to discover Japan, enjoy festivals, create experience tours.

Freelance Writers and Local Tour Guides

  • Some knowledge of Japanese Cultural Festivals, from local cultures to customs.
  • Ability to pitch original, distinctive and engaging stories regularly.
  • Someone who wish to have reporting skills- ( reporting interest,  curiosity, and sensitivity of cultural nuances).
  • A diverse voice ( you will understand the difference between instructional content and reporting ).
  • Writing experience in English tech aptitude.
  • Pre-intermediate level experience with WordPress skills and communication skills in English.

Applicants; please, attach the short example of your local festival trial work.


We are looking for energetic people who would love to share their Hometown and Cultural  Festivals.

We are interested in a creative community of writers, editors, photographers.

If you would like to join us, fill this form and we will get back to you.