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Akita Inukko festival is a folk festival that started about 400 years ago in the Yuzawa area, Akita prefecture. At that time, there was a group of inhuman robbers who commit robbery in broad daylight. Lord of Yuzawa defeated the rubbers. Therefore, people started a custom to pray that the robbers would never come back, making little Innukos (“Inukko” means “dog“ in Akita dialect) by rice flour, displaying them by the window. This custom became the Innuko festival later.
Held annually on the second Saturday and Sunday in February at Yuzawa city gymnastic. Various events such as fireworks, dance performances, percussion performances, sports competitions, and souvenir markets attract the people.
Special events you should join are the Candle Night and the Winter Fireworks. Any children can write messages on the candles for the Candle Night. Candles are lit up on the first night with the Winter Fireworks.
Recently, many dog lovers gather from different places because an event to pray for dogs is held on the second day. Dog run and Inukko cafe are offered for the people with their dogs.
Since Akita prefecture is famous for Akita-Inu (Akita dog). Therefore, this festival has an Akita vibe.
You can enjoy Akita‘s unique culture very much.
DATE 2019.02.09 – 2019.02.10
ACCESS 20-minute walk from the JR Yuzawa Station



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WEB SITE http://akitayuzawa.jp/event-w-04.html
TEL +81 80-2266-0007



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