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Chakkirako Children Festival held every year on January 15th at the Kainan Shrine in Miura and Nagasaki and Kagura areas in Misaki.

Would you like to explore real Japan? History, culture, customs, habits, and more and more. This festival is a kind of sacred gem of Japan. Our local expert guides will discover and enjoy with you. These local people excited to present their real spirit and vision. Lovely kids and the people who wish to keep in mind the kids are the future of Japan will dance and celebrate with you.

Dance is performed only by women to pray for a good harvest, fishing, and business.

Chakkirako Children Festival registered as a UNESCO Important intangible folk-cultural property. The dancers consist of kindergarteners to upper elementary children.

They dress in appropriate kimono with a fan, meanwhile dance while holding a Chakkirako, which is a bamboo about 20 cm long with colorful paper into a tanzaku with bells on end.

In 2009, it was inscribed in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of HumanityIn 1976, Japan’s government recognized this dance as an intangible cultural heritage to be protected.


DATE 15.01.2020
ACCESS A 3-minute walk from the Keikyu Bus Misakikou bus stop

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WEB SITE http://www.chakkirako.com/index.html
TEL +81 080-2266-0007



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