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“Chichibu Ondo” is one of the big three major folk song in Kanto region.  Chichibu Ondo was origin in Minano-Chichibu-gun and every 14th of August, they held a Chichibu Ondo Festival (folk dance). More than 1600 people gather up for the festival and dance around with the festival music. The Festival is also held for a dance contest. About 70 teams gather up for the contest and dance for the prize. At the end of festival, fireworks  will be launch.

It is not clear about the origin of the song and dance of “Chichibu Ondo”, but the theory is a cultural Bunsei period (1800’s first half). Although the dance got transformed in long years. Finally, in the early Showa period, a poet Kaneko Isekiko from Minano added more words to the song and then Chichibu Ondo got created to the present style. Since then, “Chichibu Ondo” came to be widely known as a typical folk song of Saitama Prefecture.

Now it is one of the big three major folk dance with Yagibushi of Gunma and Warakuodori of Tochigi.

DATE 2019.08.14 Wednesday
ACCESS Chichibu Line – a 10-minute walk from the Minano Station.
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WEB SITE https://www.saitamatsuri.jp/matsuri/chichibu-ondo/
TEL +81-80-2266-0007



Day 1: Departure

August 14 (Wed.)

Meet at the Station 

※ The following information is from 2018.

■ Opening Ceremony

Location: shopping district start venue

time: 16: 10

■ shopping street free dance- dance contest start

location:  No.1 dance venue – Festival Plaza

Time: 16: 30

■ Chichibu Ondo dance experience corner

location: main dance area,around the tower

time: 19: 30

■ Fireworks

time: 21: 00

■ awards ceremony

location: main area, around the tower

time: 21: 30

Minano Honcho shopping district and Cultural Center Square in front

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