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Kumamoto Pref.

Hifuri Shinji

Hifuri Shinji is a Shinto ritual held at Aso Shrine. That has a history of about 2,300 years. To celebrate God’s marriage, people greet the marriage of God by waving a torch in front of the gate.

Must see this historical miracle that has turned into a magnificent visual show in these days. If possible, recommend that you participate and experience it in person.

When the torch is lit and shaken, several rings of flames appear in front of Shrine, and a fantastic sight spreads. There is a special Hifuri for tourists which you can participate in.

This shrine is also known as a power spot for marriage because it worships God’s couple.

Recommended for those who want to experience the Fire Festival in a sacred atmosphere, or for those who want to share a unique experience with their loved ones.

■ Date: Middle of March
■ Place: Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso city, Aso Jinja
DATE Middle of March
ACCESS Bus or car rental from Kumamoto Airport for about 2 hours (from Haneda Airport to Kumamoto Airport: required time 1 hour 50 minutes)
POSSIBLE FACILITIES Multi-lingual staff at the venue (English)

System for accepting inquiries for festival (English)

TEL +81-80-2266-0007

Day 1: Departure

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