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Hifuri Shinji

Hifuri Shinji is a Shinto ritual which held at Aso Shrine. That has a history of about 2,300 years. To celebrate God’s marriage, people greet the marriage of God by waving a torch in front of the gate.

When the torch is lit and shaken, several rings of flames appear in front of Shrine and a fantastic sight spreads. There is special Hifuri for tourists which you can participate in.

This shrine is also known as a power spot for marriage because it worships God’s couple.

Recommended for those who want to experience the Fire Festival in a sacred atmosphere, or for those who want to share a special experience with their loved ones.

■ Date: Middle of March
■ Place: Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso city, Aso Jinja
DATE Middle of March
ACCESS Bus or car rental from Kumamoto Airport for about 2 hours (from Haneda Airport to Kumamoto Airport: required time 1 hour 50 minutes)
POSSIBLE FACILITIES Multi-lingual staff at the venue (English)

System for accepting inquiries for festival (English)

WEB SITE http://asojinja.or.jp/events/tatsukuri/
TEL +81-80-2266-0007

Day 1: Departure

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