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Kanda Matsuri is one of the greatest festivals in Tokyo and one of the best festivals that represent Edo. It only happens every other odd year (for example 2015, 2017). The Kanda Matsuri is the festival of the Kanda Myojin Shrine which honors three deities: Daikokuten(one of the Seven Lucky Gods of good fortune), Ebisu(god of fishermen and luck), and Taira no Masakado- a feudal lord of the 10th century who was worshipped and deified. The portable shrines are paraded through the streets to bring good fortune and blessing to local residents. It is followed by hundreds of musicians, dancers, and floats.

The festival started during the Edo Period (1603-1867). When the Tokugawa shogun began to rule the country from Edo (present-day Tokyo), the festival was celebrated as a demonstration of prosperity under the new regime. Then, the Kanda Matsuri and the Sanno Matsuri were the only two festivals that were allowed to pass through the Edo Castle grounds. Both were originally held annually, but after competition between the two had grown too intense, they were eventually ordered to be held in alternate years only.


DATE 2019.10.01 – 2019.10.03
ACCESS 5 min. walk from “Ochanomizu” station, JR line, Hijiribashi bridge entrance
7 min. walk from JR line Akihabara station, Denki-Gai street entrance
POSSIBLE FACILITIES Wifi  Local transportation

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TEL +81-940-62-1311



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