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Koshi Fire Festival


Koshi Fire Festival is a festival where you can enjoy the traditional “Sai no kami”( The Local Gods who protect the city), which prays for disease freeness and five-grain richness by assembling straw in a conical shape and burning them.

The straw cover in a conical shape for burning in this festival is 25m high. When ignited, the height of the fire pillar is as high as 50m. A fire pole that soars in a pure white snowfield and fireworks in the snow that colors are dynamic things to enjoy here alone.

The first 50 people can launch a flying sky lantern. In the time to get dark, there will also be events such as Japanese drum performance, snow-chuting bullfighting tournaments.

From those who want to see a romantic scene, it is a fire festival that can be enjoyed with peace of mind that can be recommended to families.

DATE Middle of March
Niigata Prefecture, Nagaoka City, Yamakoshi, Tanesuhara
ACCESS From Niigata Airport, bus till Joetsu Shinkansen, shuttle bus transfer for approximately two and a half hours.
POSSIBLE FACILITIES Multi-lingual staff at the venue (English)

Multi-lingual official website (English)

TEL +81-80-2266-0007

Day 1: Departure

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