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The summer festivals in Moka

The summer festivals in Moka is held on July 27 to 29. On July 27, the first day of these festivals, the formal ceremony to start festivals called Miyadashi, Syutugyosai, Choukaiwatashi is held in Osaki shrine. A lot of peoples participate in Syutugyosai and they do Mikoshitogyo that is Mikoshi walks in some regions and to pray people’s happiness, growth of agriculture, and development of the industry.

On July 28, the second day of the festival, the place for Matsuri is held at the center of the city.

In this place, A lot of peoples take part in this festival and they can enjoy that. Mikoshi get into liver and the excited festival reached climax. And then, people can also see a lot of fireworks. They can see a moment of launching fireworks so it brings dynamic power for seeing people.

On July 29, the last day of the festival, Miyairigyoretu is held. This is held to return god to the shrine. People can see the traditional event and they can hear traditional music called Ohayashi.



DATE 2019.06.27 – 2019.06.29
ACCESS 15-minute walk from the Moka Railway Mo-oka Station

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