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“Haarii” is a race of dragon boats (Harusen = Dragon Boat). Rower, bell, helm, flagman and a large number of seamen aboard on a traditional ship with dragon decoration and compete for speed.

Naha dragon boat race is Okinawa’s largest event, and over three days. Over 130 teams of schools and work teams have a hot compete.

At the same time, Eisa (Okinawa’s folk dance), live concerts and fireworks are also held, so you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Before the last and most important race (“hon-bārī“) between the port’s historic teams, a ritual called ugan-bārī is performed the last day.

Ugan Bari is a ceremony for pray to the god of the sea for the safety of the voyage, great fishing, and the development of the region.

On the other hand, Hon barii is a serious final game for teams from three areas in Naha city.

Wear each traditional costume and compete to determine the winner of the year.

Those who like watching sports, as well as those who want to experience Okinawa culture, are highly satisfied festivals.


DATE 2019.05.03 – 2019.05.05
ACCESS About 30 minutes from Naha Airport to Yui Rail and bus transfer (from Haneda Airport to Naha Airport: 2 hours and 40 minutes)

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