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A fantastic festival at Saitama Prefecture which is in the “Saitama ancient tomb park” of Gyoda Saitama. It is also known the origin of the name of Saitama Prefecture (Saitama).

It is a romance full of the festival was the “flame”, which will be held on May 4 days every year to the symbol?


Time approaching the dusk, Rendai (Rendai) ※ 4 was riding on “Ninigi no-mikoto”, beginning with the “Konohana Sakuya Hime”, 300 people close to the people who were dressed in ancient costumes, while flown torches, large we will toward the square in the matrix. Upon arrival at the plaza as “Ninigi Mikoto,” “Konohasakuya princess” will set fire to Ubuya made of straw. The fire wraps Ubuya in the blink of an eye, Inferno is dyed the night sky, it overwhelms the gathered people.

In the subsequent “your sinker down (Gojinka down)”, Maruhakayama ancient tomb, the people from the top of the ancient tomb Inariyama, you come down to set a torch. Flame of the torch, become a band of one of the fire, it looks like a moving dragon. The finale fireworks are launched, along with the fire of torches and lit the lights in the spring of the night sky.

As darkness approaches, a great procession made up of around 300 people wearing ancient costumes and carrying torches approaches the open space. At the head of the procession are Ninigi-no-Mikoto and Konohana Sakuya-Hime riding on lotus-shaped pedestals. Upon arriving in the square, Ninigi-no-Mikoto and Konohana Sakuya-Hime set fire to the birthing chamber, which is built of straw. The fire instantly engulfs the birthing chamber and colors the night sky red with its raging intensity, astonishing the gathered onlookers.

Then, in the Gojinka Kudari, or “descent of the sacred flame,” people bearing torches descend from the peaks of the Maruhakayama Kofun and the Inariyama Kofun. The flames of these torches form a single belt of fire with the appearance of a writhing dragon. Finally, the finale of the celebration lights up the spring sky with both torches and the launch of fireworks.

DATE 2019.05.04
ACCESS JR Takasaki Line North Kōnosu Station

Free shuttle bus (North Kōnosu Station ⇔ Yumoto village-like) AM10: 00 ~ 9: 00 PM

The operation in about 20 to 30 minutes interval.

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OPTIONAL Local transportation

Paid private Local Tour Guide

TEL +81-80-2266-0007



Day 1: Departure

Meet at the Station 18:00-18:10

■ ceremony of Shubatsu
18: 55~

■ invitation – Rendai-torchlight to-mythology, ancient residence Ubuya flames
19: 15~

■ ~ ancient Roman-your sinker down, torchlight, Minister advent of Owake, read aloud (Gotakusen )
19: 30~

■ Finale fireworks
~20: 00

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