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Have you ever seen a traditional Japanese Kite? Traditional kites are depicted with heroic pictures of samurai and mythical characters. The main purpose is a success from a high rise and, also a rough way of flying, such as kite fight ( bumping and dropping each other’s kites.)

Shirane Kite battle festival is one of the biggest kite festivals in the world. It has a history of 300 years, and 300 giant kites dance wildly. A large kite of about 40 m² is raised from both sides of the Shinano River, which is about 80 m wide.

Drop it into the river and pull it until the other person’s kite rope is cut. Visitors can watch from the riverside or boat, also jump in and pull ropes. There is no doubt that it will be a wonderful experience and interaction if you join the local people and help.

It is recommended for those who want to participate in the festival and get excited, those who like the exciting festival, and those who want to interact with it.


DATE 2019.06.06 – 2019.06.10
ACCESS Bus transfer from Niigata Airport for about 2 hours
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POSSIBLE FACILITIES Wifi  Local transportation

Optional Local Guide

WEB SITE http://www.shironekankou.jp/tako/




Day 1: Departure

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Day 2

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Dear Guest.

Anyone who has time and wish to join us please feel free.

Our local guides will take you to places you can’t find or enjoy by yourself, and make you enjoy the Japanese Cultural Festivals as like a local!!
On top of that, this is a small-group tour, so you can enjoy the time like going out with friends! All skill levels are welcome.
Let’s have an awesome experience together without any cultural or language barriers.

For affordable activities in Japan, further information and reservation, please feel free to contact us.

Have a wonderful day.

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