31st January
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2 Days
Iwate Pref.

Sominsai of Kokuseki Temple is held at the Iwate prefecture, severe cold snow on the night, which hits the seventh day of the lunar new year.

Lovely, unique, and extremely challenging for real gentlemen.

There is Misogi that purifies the mind and body and participates wear only Fundoshi (loincloth).

The origin of this Kokuseki Temple Sominsai is an anecdote in which a poor but kind-hearted man gave the utmost hospitality to the god who had been incised to humanity.

 It is a festival that Somin (a select name for participants of this matsuri ) compete for the Somin-Bukuro, which is a descendant of it.

Participants must refuse meat, fish, and drinking from one week before the festival.

On the day of the event, participants will be cleansed by the frigid river, climbing the piled-up pine trees and purifying themselves by the sparks, and participating in a three-hour battle for the Somin-Bukuro. If you ask what Somin-Bukuro is, a bag made from hemp, about 9 liters in volume, filled with KOMAGI (small wooden talismans with a hexagon shape) made from sumac cut to a length of 3 cm.

This ritual, which takes place in the sub-zero and cold snow, leaves a sacred and primitive atmosphere. It is recommended for advanced people who want to touch the essence of a more stoic festival.



 31st January Friday – 1st February Saturday


Iwate Prefecture Oshu City Kokuseki Temple

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WEB SITE https://www.kokusekiji.jp/cont7/main.html
TEL +81-80-2266-0007



Day 1: Departure to Kokuseki Temple


Day 2: Departure from Kokuseki Temple

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