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Suneori Dragon Festival is for initiate rain in the wrath of God by dismantling a massive dragon in the pond and polluting the lake. Suneori Dragon Festival traditional rain-praying event that has been inherited since the Edo period held once every four years.

Rain Dance is a rain praying event in Tsurugashima City, Saitama Prefecture. To pray for rainfall at season people make a huge snake body and guiding it to the Thunder cell. The dynamic event of a huge Dragon ( Ryujin ) of 36m in length and weight 3t.

After that, the carrying hand dismantled the “Ryujin” in the pond, stained the pond, and initiate rain by making God angry, the rainy praying event transmitted from the Edo period.


Made of bamboo and straw, a huge “dragon snake” with a length of 36 meters, a weight of about 3 tons, and a height of 4.5 meters of the head become Dragon God ( Ryuji ) by the spirit of the soul before departure.

When people arriving at the Kaminari Lake, God of Water is poured into the pond first. Then, “Ryujin” goes around in the pond. The bearer carries out the raging of “Ryujin” in the pond while shouting “Shower rain, Big Black cloud here.”


DATE 2020.08.7  Sunday
ACCESS   Tobu Tojo Line Wakaba Station 15-minute walk
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