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Towada City Autumn Festival is held on the second weekend of September. The origin of this festival is merged Sanbongi-inari-shrine Autumn Festival, Some Autumn Festivals. Festival held for praying a good harvest.

In this festival, some special floats ( called Dashi )  are gathered to arise audience enthusiasm. Every Dashi has well unique ornaments such as illuminations, smoke, soap bubbles and so on. During the festival, We can listen to uptempo music like Ohayashi. Ohayashi is used as a musical instrument such as Japanese drums and Japanese flutes and handbells. Ohayashi music is more liven up the festival. Too many people raise voice to cheer the festival and they got excited.

The middle day of this festival, the special parade will be done from the evening. During the parade, a lot of Dashi will be gathered and these special floats and splendid music make a dynamic festival scene. Some of the Dashi has Japanese drums. Such as various kinds of Japanese drums generate some different sound. In other words, the sound goes deeper and deeper so people are attracted in this scene.

In addition, several traditional dances and Mikoshi parade generate excited scene so every people enjoy this festival.



DATE 2019.09.13 –¬†2019.09.15
ACCESS 40 minutes by bus from Aomori Railway Mukaiyama Station

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TEL +81 80-2266-0007



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