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The beginning of the song expresses how much women in Ushibuka worry about sailors.

The word “Haiya” originated from the southern wind which was necessary for the fishing boat when they left Ushibuka and went up north. The southern wind is “the wind of Hae” in the Kyushu region. Later, that “Hae” changed into “Haeya” then it changed into “Haiya”.

“Ushibuka Haiya-Bushi” is said to be originated in the later Edo period.
At this time, Ushibuka was an important port of sea travel and lots of fishing vessels called at the port.

The sailors and the women of Ushibuka enjoyed dancing and singing together and this is said to be the origin of “Ushibuka Haiya-Bushi”



DATE 2019.04.19 – 2019.04.21
ACCESS 15-minute walk from the Ushibuka Harbour
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POSSIBLE FACILITIES Wifi  Local transportation

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WEB SITE http://ushibuka-haiya.com/
TEL +81 080-2266-0007



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