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Wajima Grand Festival

On the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, there is a large lantern called “Kiriko” that can be seen only in this region in Japan. Festivals using Kiriko are held at various locations in Noto. Also, this festival is known as “Osuzumi Festivals”, because prayers want to send cool breeze to God.

Among them, the Wajima Grand Festival is a big event, and there are four nights of excitement. The contents are also very unique, such as the entering ritual of young men in female costume, carry mikoshi and enter the sea, kiriko sprinting on the bridge, and the portable shrines in the shape of sea bream or shrimp.

At the end ceremony, a big pillar torch in Wajima Port Marine Town is burning. The portable shrine makes three turns around the burning torch, and people fight to get the gohei. when the torch has fallen.

At Kiriko Museum, you can see kiriko from above, which can be the height of the fourth floor of the building at most. In addition, kiriko carrying experience is also possible. You can learn about the local culture and Kiriko while listening to the Ohayashi ( traditional festival music.)

If you like fire festivals, want to see fantastic sights, and want to experience the traditional culture of the region, this is a festival that you would like to visit.

■ Date:  (Every year same date) From August 22nd  till 25th.
■ Place: Wajima City Center, Ishikawa Prefecture


DATE (Every year same date) From August 22nd  till 25th.
ACCESS From Toto Satoyama Airport About 30 minutes by taxi or car rental (from Haneda Airport and Satoyama Airport: 1 hour)
POSSIBLE FACILITIES Multi-lingual staff at the venue (in English)

Flyers in multiple languages (English)

System for accepting inquiries for festival (English)

WEB SITE https://www.hotishikawa.jp/kiriko/en/kiriko/wajimataisai.php


TEL +81-80-2266-0007



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